Thin Film Coatings - Applications

We will always use our experience and dedication to offer you the best products and services available for your specific application.

Below is a small selection of where our optics are being used:

  • High LDT mirrors and windows for international high powered laser research facilities
  • AR laser rod coatings for NIR laser range finders
  • OEM beamsteerers for surgical laser beam delivery devices used in tattoo removal and ophthalmic surgery
  • Harmonic separators for YAG laser system manufacturers
  • Advanced thin film coatings for security and defence
  • YAG optical coatings for equipment used in aesthetic surgery, dermatology, micro-machining and dentistry
  • Metal coatings for broadband mirrors
  • AR diode laser coatings used in laser hair removal systems
  • OEM components for biomedical engineering solutions
  • Thin films for space exploration instruments used in atmospheric spectroscopy