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Our Stock database is updated daily. Products are categorised by coating type and arranged by wavelength, in ascending order.
We strongly recommend performing a search by wavelength as products from various categories may be suitable for your application.
For example, if you require >99.5%R at 532nm / 45° (High Reflector), you may wish to consider >99%R at 532nm + 694nm / 45°(Dichroic).

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Coating Description Substrate Description Coating Type Quantity In Stock Stock ID Enquire
>99%R 1320nm / 0º 25mm dia x 6mm Lens BK7 PL/CV R=-3000 High Reflector 19 476 [ Enquire ]
>99.5%R 1540nm / 0º 12.5mm dia x 6mm BK7 High Reflector 2 233 [ Enquire ]
>98%R at 1541nm (+/-5nm) / 42-48º, S+P 7.6 x 6.7 x 2mm Corning 7980 High Reflector 10 173 [ Enquire ]
>99%R 1550nm; >75%R 630nm / 45º S+P/2 25.4mm dia x 6.35mm BK7, ID: 272 High Reflector 9 480 [ Enquire ]